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Empowering nextGen Workers

Motivated Workforce

Improve productivity by 40% with worker focused financial benefits

Easy (Crypto) Payroll

Pay your staff anywhere without hassle in local or crypto-currency

Best-fit Borderless Talents

Hire remote workforce as fast as 30 minutes via an AI job portal




“港商留守緬甸危中有機 招聘平台需求恐挫 觀望外資取態”
“Hong Kong entrepreneur finds opportunity in Myanmar despite the risk”
“The risk taking serial entrepreneur”
“JOBDOH’s innovative platform helps match short term work in 1.5hours”
“This start-up offers fake partners for hire”

We solve nextGen worker problems for you

1. Cash Shortage

Workers often lose focus at work because emergencies or opportunities happen. Their attention then turns to finding cash to deal with unexpected expenditures between pay-checks. 

To prevent your workers from accessing exploitative loans, enable your staff to access their Earned Wages before regular paydays (without interrupting your payroll process) with our KhuPay app.

2. Financial Exclusion

Around 30% of the world’s population is unbanked. Political instability, as seen in Myanmar or Afghanistan for example, also leads to employees’ assets’ devaluation. Without permissionless access to financial services and stable currencies, workers have little opportunity to improve their livelihood.

Integrate your payroll in one-step with the relevant financial infrastructure so that your staff in emerging or unstable economies can be financially included and paid in suitable currencies, in fiat or in crypto.


3. Skewed Hiring Opportunities

Your best-fit hires might not have the most obvious education or work background but they have the aptitude to learn and the drive to succeed in your roles. Don’t screen them out too early.

Some good workers might be unable to interview in person, could only engage in part-time or virtual work due to family situations. Traditional job boards could exclude them.   

Access our job marketplace for best-fit, albeit if unique, remote talents. Our easy onboarding, GPS check-in and out system also make the attendance tracking seamless.


Earned-Wage Access

An app to enable employees get their earned pay before pay day. No interruption to your payroll.  More motivated staff.

Global Payroll with GPS based Attendance

A one-stop shop to pay your staff on time globally, even in unbanked situations.  Local currency or crypto enabled.

GPS based check-in and out to track productivity. Significant time savings.

Borderless Hiring

Recruit and hire best-fit remote staff in minutes with our AI-based all-in-one job marketplace.  Platform include interviews and contract signing.  Seamless, efficient hiring process

“KhuPay is really convenient for me. I can buy essential foods and requirements for my family as I can cash out my salary before payday, And I can also pay for my rent on time.”
–Ko Pyae Phyo Aung, factory worker

“JOBDOH’s solution allows my staff to access cash when the banks restrict cash withdrawals.  They can also get their earned salary early without affecting my payroll process.  This helps lift financial worries from my staff, allowing them to focus on work, in case of emergencies.  I’m happy to recommend this solution to other companies.”
— Ivan Tam, industrial park employer

“I felt depressed right after the separation. The opportunity to work gave me back my confidence. This would not happen without JOBDOH as I couldn’t get jobs that work with babysitting with the traditional channels.” –Jenny, single mother job seeker

Build a productive workforce with JOBDOH

Use our All-in-One employee benefits, easy payroll and remote marketplace